Why Investment Real Estate in Costa Rica Makes Sense

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Countless investment opportunities exist.

There are numerous options to consider when looking at investment real estate in Costa Rica. As Central America’s leading vacation destination, hotels and vacation rentals are two areas of the market that are extremely easy to pursue. Those who have experience with larger property management opportunities will not be disappointed in the gated and condominium communities in existence, while those who want to build have plenty of land-buying options. With all those tourists passing through regularly and a constantly growing expat community, high-quality restaurants are also more in demand than ever.

You can get a tropical getaway out of the deal.

Investing in Costa Rica real estate comes with one perk your friends and family will be especially excited about–a vacation, part-time, or full-time home in the tropics. If you purchase a rental property, you can plan an escape from the cold winter weather or reserve it for you and your personal guests at any time throughout the year. If you invest in a hotel, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy the presidential suite from time to time. Even if you choose a commercial investment, you’ll always have an excuse to get away from it all with a quick “business-related” trip to Costa Rica.

Your property will generate income throughout the year.

While there are certainly peak times during which most tourists visit–winter, spring break, and summer vacations–there is never a time when travelers stop coming to Costa Rica.  For example, budget travelers like to plan their trips during the “green season” when they know the scenery will be beautiful and they can find discounted rates. Daily rainfall is to be expected during much of Costa Rica’s green season, from April to December, though some parts of the country are dryer than others. The northern Guanacaste province, for example, is notoriously dry and has little rainfall. A steady flow of income can often be expected for about 10 months out of the year in popular Guanacaste beach towns like Tamarindo and Samara.

You can incorporate your passion into the investment.

If you so choose, investing in Costa Rica can be more than a financial decision; it can be a passion project. If you’ve always dreamed of owning a bed and breakfast, there’s no better place than Costa Rica to make that dream a reality. If you love the idea of owning a restaurant, an art gallery, or a cafe, the Costa Rican government and business scene will welcome you with open arms. Cattle farms, agricultural properties, and teak farms are also available. Whether you want to build from the ground up or find a turnkey business that’s ready to go, Costa Rica has it all.

You don’t have to be a resident to own a business or property in Costa Rica.

Fortunately, residency status is not a requirement for purchasing investment real estate or opening a business in Costa Rica. When you do come to visit, you’ll be granted a 90-day visa with no questions asked. The only stipulation is that you must travel outside the country at the end of the 3-month period, which essentially serves as an excuse to fit in a quick vacation if nothing else. Starting a business or investing in real estate gives an edge when it comes to gaining residency if that’s something you’re interested in.

Costa Rica has a strong infrastructure that continues to improve.

There are now two major international airports in Costa Rica, with frequent flights to and from numerous U.S. cities and other international destinations. The Juan Santamaria International Airport is located just outside San Jose, and the Daniel Oduber International Airport is located near Liberia, putting the popular beaches of Guanacaste within a driving distance of just an hour or two. There are regional airports throughout the country and talks of constructing another international airport in the southern zone. A modern new highway was just opened several years ago and connects the Central Valley to the Pacific Coast, cutting down travel time by an hour or more. The major Interamericana Highway, which runs all the way from the U.S. to Chile in South America, is undergoing a major revitalization and expansion near the city of Liberia. Costa Rica’s government has made it clear that they are ready to welcome investors and travelers with its well-maintained roadways and modern airports.

Among the reasons listed above, it’s worth noting just how economically and politically stable Costa Rica is. There is no political unrest, riots, or anti-government demonstrations like in other Latin American countries. The local currency, colones, rarely fluctuates in value. The country has no standing army, nor has it since 1948. It boasts a strong public school system and Central America’s highest literacy rate. Crime rates are low, and quality of life is consistently ranked among the highest in the world in independent studies. It is one of the few countries in the world with a tropical climate yet no hurricane or tropical storm season. When compared side by side with other Latin American or Caribbean nations, Costa Rica is the clear front-runner for real estate investment.


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