How to Win the Listing Before you Arrive

How can you show up right on time for a listing appointment, but be too late?

It’s a dilemma facing any agent relying on their presentation alone to win listings.

If you’re waiting for the homeowners to open the door so you can make a good first impression and win the listing, you’re already too late. To win, you need to “pre-sell” the homeowner on your services before your listing appointment.

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Are you ahead of the game?

You’ve done your research. You’ve created a killer CMA. You’re dressed perfectly and feeling confident as you reach for the doorbell.

But is that enough? If you haven’t already planted a seed in the homeowner’s head that you’re the best choice to sell their home, you’ve missed a huge opportunity.

Below, are five effective tactics for priming homeowners to sign on the dotted line of your listing agreement.

Let them know you’re listening

After booking the appointment, send a follow-up email thanking them for the opportunity.

In that email, restate pertinent information about their desires and impending move from your prequalification call. Show them you were paying attention and fully understand their needs.


Stack the cool

Deliver your marketing plan to demonstrate the wide variety of tactics you’ll use to sell their home. The objective here is to get extremely detailed and “stack the cool” with all the myriad techniques you have at your disposal.

Don’t forget to include everything that happens automatically. The more items you list, the more you’ll impress the homeowner and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Prove it

Send a copy of your “Proof of Success” marketing piece that displays all the properties you’ve sold in the same area. This can either be a map-style graphic or a list of photos and descriptions.

Provide social proof

Online reviews are crucial to your success in today’s marketplace. Whether they’re from Zillow,, Google, or Yelp, get that social proof of your success in front of the homeowner before you arrive.

This is no time to be shy or modest. The more glowing reviews you can share, the better.

“Coming Soon” video

At some point prior to the listing presentation, visit the house and shoot a video out front talking about the property and how it will be coming onto the market soon.

For an even greater impact, post the video on a landing page with a custom URL using the property address. Then send that link to the homeowners a day or two before your listing appointment.

These 5 steps will separate you from the competition

Imagine the advantage you’d have if you did all this before you arrived on the seller’s doorstep. Not only will you have already impressed them, but they will welcome you much more warmly into their home.

Take these steps, stand out and create the degree of separation between yourself and the competition that will turn more of your listing appointments into sales.


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