13 Ways to Boost Your Business Before the Spring Selling Season Hits

Marketing strategyIf you’re like most agents I know, you began this year with an idea of how you wanted it to end. Whether measured by closed volume, number of transactions or gross commissions, whether in writing or in the cloud, you had a vision for what your business would look like come December.

But sometimes, as we get into the swing of things, we forget to think about our annual goals and get overwhelmed by the day-to-day. As the hot spring selling season approaches, take the time to reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t over the past few months and refocus your attentions!

While taking action with the “big picture” in mind is a wise strategy, sometimes thinking smaller and shorter term can be just as effective. Before your year gets even busier, take the time and ensure that you’re laying a solid foundation for a stellar spring selling season!

Here are 13 smart strategies to boost your business:

Identify Your Top Source of Business Year-to-Date

List your closings, current clients, and all buyer and seller appointments you’ve had which may still be lingering on the sidelines. For every “at bat”, so to speak, what was the source? Knowing this information will help when budgeting your time and money throughout the year.

Update Your Income and Expenses Year to Date

Now that you’re a couple of months into the year, categorize your expenses and review to determine if you’re under/over budget. Readjust your business plan if needed.

Clarify Your “One Thing”

Refocus your attention. Finish this sentence: If I currently had/did _____________, my business would improve overnight”. Maybe for you that would be more listings or an assistant, a website, a drip-campaign. Whatever it is, if you really need it and have been thinking about it (and resisting for whatever reason) it will be the first thing you think of. Resolve and take action to make it happen!

Send a Hand-Written Note to 100 People in Your Sphere/Database

No business card, no asking for business, no occasion— send it just because you’re thinking about them. (Ok to put your return address label on the envelope).

Review your Listing Presentation

Update any photos, stats or marketing materials and testimonials, closed sales.

Revamp Your Marketing Plan

What’s your competition doing? Are you able to follow-through on all you’re committing to? Are they still effective? Should you add tasks and/or delete some?

Investigate Yourself Online

Set your browser to “private” and look for yourself online as a client would. What needs to be updated? Is your contact information accurate? Where and how often does your name appear in searches?

Adopt or Tweak Your Drip –Campaign for Leads

As online inquiries become more commonplace, do you have a system for automatically following up? If not, maybe this is your “one thing”. If you have an existing campaign, review the letters. Are they still timely and relevant?

Revisit Testimonial Requests

People get busy. If you let them know you are working on some upcoming marketing materials they won’t mind being asked again.

Preview 10 New Properties Every Week

Especially during slower months. There’s a good chance these sellers are not seeing or hearing from their agent much over the slower months. Be the one who’s out there!

Meet with One Industry Professional a Week for Coffee or Lunch

What’s their vision for the year ahead, what are they hearing/seeing/looking forward to?

Take Inventory

Round up your lockboxes, signs, arrows and riders to determine what, if anything needs to be replaced or updated.

Make a Vision Board

One of my favorite tools and goal trackers is the vision board. I have mine set as the desktop on my computer, phone and iPad. Every time I open them (and it’s often) I’m subliminally reinforcing my goals. Trust me…it works!

If you only do two a week, you’ll be off to a great start and several steps ahead of your competition!


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